The EOSIO Blockchain Developer Workshop now available on Youtube

This workshop is for software developers interested in building blockchain applications using the EOSIO blockchain software framework. To complete the tutorials and to follow most of the content you will need to have some experience in software development/coding. This knowledge can be used to build applications on public or private blockchains powered by EOSIO (such as EOS or Telos) or deploy your own highly customizable public or enterprise blockchain.

If you are not confident with C++ then I highly suggest you download the first chapter of the Learn EOS book by Christoph Michel. You can get it for free here. This is a great book if you want to go on to see how to build a full-stack EOSIO web application.

Important notes

  • I hadn’t planned on recording these videos but decided to last minute, so forgive me for not having a professional level of video content.
  • The audio quality is pretty low, despite using a new microphone I purchased for €50.
  • The description of each video contains a link to the slide content.
  • The tutorial doc is in the tutorial videos. Do the tutorials before the videos!!! as it really helps to understand what’s going on. I suggest doing Tasks 1 and 2 of the tutorial after Part 3 of the workshop and the rest at the end.
  • I’m really interested in hearing your feedback about the workshop, what did you like and not like and would you like to see more.

Feel free to follow me on my social accounts, and send any feedback on Telegram. (no crypto investment discussions / advice)

Link to the EOSIO Blockchain Developer Workshop video playlist

3 hrs video
3.5 hrs including tutorials

Part 0 — Introduction to Workshop

Part 1 — EOSIO Background and Ecosystem

  • EOSIO blockchain software
  • deployed blockchains
  • B1 and ecosystem
  • Blockchain applications

Part 2 — Message Contract Header

  • Writing, building and deploying a smart contract
  • Web Assembly runtime
  • ABI files
  • Executing actions
  • EOSIO database and Tables

Part 3 — Messages Contract Implementation

  • Authorization
  • Multi-index-tables API


Task 1
Task 2

Part 4 — Consensus

  • Block consensus
  • Delegated Proof of Stake
  • Cryptography and verification
  • onblock() action
  • Forks

Part 5 — Accounts, Permissions, Resources, Upgrading and Transactions

  • Account creation
  • Account permissions
  • Resource management: CPU, RAM and NET
  • Upgrading smart contracts
  • Transactions vs Actions

Part 6 — Chain Customization and Governance

  • System contracts
  • Chain customization
  • Governance
  • Block producer rewards
  • EOS vs Telos

Part 7 — eosio.token Contract Transfer Action

  • Static getter functions
  • Inline actions
  • Notifications
  • Asset class

Part 8 — Comparisons and Conclusion

  • Privacy and security
  • Comparison: throughput, latency, tx fees, decentralization
  • Roadmap


Task 3
Task 4
Task 5

Blockchain technology software developer and educator! Currently contributing to #EOSIO ecosystem.

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