Learning EOSIO development (Telos, EOS and other blockchains)


Learn EOS Development, by Christopher Micheal (use code “jackandtheblockstalk” for 25% discount): I started with this book and it is a well-organized walkthrough to understand smart contract development.

Official developer resources

Developer portal: This is the official documentation that explains the architecture of EOSIO and how it can be used. It is an excellent place to start with using EOSIO. While it does a great job of explaining how to use EOSIO, it has some basics on how EOSIO works under the hood but does not go in detail.


Free EOSIO developer workshop with Jack Tanner (that’s me!): This is a free, full-day, in-person workshop with theory and practical elements supported by mentors. The workshop teaches how to develop EOSIO smart contract. It also teaches how the EOSIO protocol works and architecture which is not knowledge that you can easily find elsewhere. The course uses a web IDE for development which takes away the hassle for developers to do anything with command lines and get straight into contract writing.

Technical support

The EOS stack exchange and a google search always do well when facing issues with using nodeos and smart contract development.

Articles and blogs

The official Block One news page is handy. EOSIO is under rapid development and there are technical and non-technical announcements for all application developers. You can add your email to be notified of any new news.


Elemental Battles is the official tutorial provided by Block One, and takes developers through setting up a blockchain node, to writing a smart contract and React app.

Community resources

Scatter docs explain how to use one of the most popular EOSIO transaction wallets and key management solutions. Many projects use this as they start of.


EOS Studio is a community web IDE with a beautiful interface and key management so that you can start writing contracts immediately. This can also be run locally on Mac, Windows and Linux. See their Tutorials to get started. This is often a good place to prototype smart contracts. Once the functionality is stable, I switch to a C++ IDE for final touches and then build a test suite using eoslime.

Tools and comparisons

EOS Authority has built over 70 tools that analyse the data from public EOSIO blockchains and can be really insightful. These range from price alerts, to voter analysis and more for investors to developers to use.

Ecosystem and more tools

Get ready to be overwhelmed, these links tell you everything!



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