Civic Participation Tool

During the Odyssey Momentum event over the weekend our team, The New Fork Partners!, built a democratic voting tool to allow citizens to participate in building their neighbourhood. This was to address the challenge given by the city of The Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands.

OpenStad is an existing democratic participation tool already in use throughout several cities in the Netherlands. What we built exhibits a significant upgrade to the security, scalability, trust and inclusiveness which OpenStad provides.

This was done by replacing the proposal and voting data and logic server/database architecture with a customized eosio blockchain, using the Dfuse API.

This technical article explains the unique upgrades this provides, its scalability, and how it achieves GDPR compliance.


We will keep the demo running for 1 WEEK! Please try it out NOW!


  • Create an account using username, and then create and vote on a proposal!
  • All data will be deleted. Please use your real name
  • In the history section, press the (i) icon to view the blockchain data layer

Github: Github
3 slide deck: FINAL 3-SLIDE PITCH
Challenge: Scalable and secure living labs
Our website:


  1. Jack Tanner — team captain and tech lead
  2. Chris Verhoef — storyteller
  3. Kirsten Coppoolse — operations and stakeholders
  4. Gangadhar Jannu — full-stack blockchain developer
  5. John Melati — full-stack developer
  6. Matej Ondrejka — user experience

Special acknowledgments

Blockchain and self-sovereign identity software developer and educator!