This coming Friday I will be taking a work break for 6 months. It’s been a long time without any real pause working in the exciting and fast-paced crypto industry since 2016, and my partner and I had planned this before Corona hit and are now going ahead with it…

Gimly is excited to announce the EOSIO identity working group (Twitter #eosio_id)! This open working group (WG) will create and foster identity solutions using EOSIO technology, by creating open W3C compliant self-sovereign identity (SSI) standards, interoperability, and ecosystem development for eosio based identities.

We bring our strong experience in self-sovereign identity and EOSIO to the WG.

Please join us for the kickoff event Monday 12th April 3pm GMT / 11am EST open for all interested in identity on EOSIO!

Click to see the full announcement and join the working group

PS. We have the EOSIO DID method spec written and will release it next week as part of the first work item of the group.

Jack Tanner

Blockchain and self-sovereign identity software developer and educator!

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